Changes improve campus living

Renovating Woodland Hall was one of the additions made this summer. (Photo by Tina Nalepa)
Renovating Woodland Hall was one of the additions made this summer. (Photo by Tina Nalepa)

Tina Nalepa – Arts Editor

Many new additions were made to the Lasell campus over the summer to greet stu- dents and faculty on their return. From new LED lighting in Winslow, to the addition of peep holes in every residence hall, to the completion of the two-year Woodland renovation project and the addition of Einstein Bagels, these changes span campus.

One of the biggest additions is the completion of the two-year Woodland Hall project. The exterior and interior of Woodland took a 360 renovation with a modern look. The interior includes new bathrooms, lighting, painting, carpet, and an accessible wheelchair lift. The exterior changes include new landscaping in the front of the building, a bus stop overhang and a new roof.

According to Peter Wiernicki, Director of Residential Life, the initial renovation began in summer 2013, with the renovations to half of the building and began phase two the day after commencement in May.

Marc Fournier, Director of Plant Operations & Sustainability said, “The bus stop over hang, which will include Wi-Fi will be delivered and installed at the end of this month.”

Another addition to the residence halls has been the installment of 521 peepholes. Wiernicki said. “Last winter SGA suggested that all doors in the residence halls should have peepholes, for safety and security purposes.” Prior to the installment Case House, East, West, North, and Holt were the only buildings that had peepholes.

According to Fournier, “The business office loved the idea and found a budget to complete the peephole project.”

In addition, there is a new Lasell banner in front of Haskell House. With Lasell being in a residential area, it’s hard to know where the actual campus begins and ends. The college as well, as the Student Government Association, wanted to make it known where Lasell buildings are.

Manager of Plant Operations, Roxey Connelly, explained that 11 more banners will be installed down Woodland Road, starting near East Hall and ending near North Hall.

This summer, Lasell also added three new LED lampposts on the walk way outside Gardner. According to Fournier, the additions of the LED lampposts have been in the plans for several years to be completed this year.

The college also added LED lighting in deWitt hall and Winslow, Lasell partnered with Blue Stone Energy to retrofit bulbs to be LED. Plant Operations has plans to slowly change all lighting around campus to LED.

With Lasell efforts to become a sustainable campus, the campus has added another water bottle filling station on the lower level of Forest, similar to the one in Wolfe Hall. Connelly said athletes are taking advantage of this new filling station and he is already looking into adding more water bottle stations around campus.

In addition to Lasell being a sustainable campus, student workers spent the summer repainting all the porches on campus. The college also repaired the roofing on Briggs House.

Lasell also made repairs to Saunders House. Due to the large capacity of students living on campus this semester, the college was unable to begin renovation this fall. However, according to Connelly, repairs accomplished included the stair banister, patching holes in walls, painting, the restoring of the stain glass windows and the chimney.

“It’s really fun to meet halfway and make efforts to restore the houses and the historic beauty,” said Connelly.

Finally, one of the most popular additions to the campus has been Einstein Bros Bagels. Michael Hoyle informed Fournier, in the spring of 2014 that changes were going to be made to the Campus Center.

When a student goes to Einstein they will notice familiar faces making their coffee. That’s because Lasell partnered with Sodexo in the new addition of Einstein Bagels.  With Sodexo having a franchise agreement with real brand franchises including Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and Einstein.

Hoyle, Vice President Business & Finance and CFO said, “Once the dining hall renovation was complete and with Boomers Grill bing open late, there were less students using Pete’s and the sandwich option.”

Hoyle was not the only one to notice the decline at the Campus Center dining option. Student Government Association was also concerned with the lack of revenue and was looking for a menu change.

“Einstein Bagels was the final choice because it offered a wide range of food for the bulk of the day and the evening,” said Hoyle.

Lasell worked with, Metrowest Construction and Eck MacNeely Architects for the initial design and construction of the new addition of Einstein Bagels. According to Fournier, the project began the day after commencement and got finished in an effective manner including the instillation of a freezer in the garage of Campus Center.

Wiernicki said, “It’s a great addition to the campus and the coffee is great.”

Fournier advised students who are avid coffee drinkers to purchase an Einstein’s traveling mug at 2.99, then each time bring the mug to get refilled for only 1.09 for coffee. This is a great option for students to save an extra few dollars on their daily coffee.

Part 2 of this article will appear in the October issue and will cover further changes to campus this semester including later gym hours, the STEAM lab, and additions to the Lasell College Boathouse.

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