Men’s soccer scores new coach

Lance Forrest – 1851 Staff

A new season has kicked off for the Lasell men’s soccer team with the addition of a new face, Burke Hazard. The newly appointed head coach is here to make a statement. The Maine native and University of Maine graduate is stressing the impor- tance of not only being a member of the team, but also being active in the academic community.

Starting off with a clean slate, Coach Hazard arrived at the beginning of the season and imme- diately began the process of familiarizing himself with the squad. The Lasers got off to a rocky start by losing their first two games, but came back strong with a 9-0 victory over Pine Manor on Taylor Field.

This year, Coach Hazard has set a team goal to bounce back from their loss in the GNAC final last year by winning the cham- pionship, therefore earning a NCAA playoff birth. He brings to Lasell a young persona and says his “fresh take” on the game of soccer is a good change of pace for the program.

Jonathan Sutton, a sophomore defender, said “Having a new head coach brings some- thing new to the program.” Sutton also reit- erated the importance of winning the GNAC this year and said that everyone is still proving themselves to Coach Hazard. Sutton pulled an assist in the victory over Pine Manor.

With most of the season still to come for the Lasers, Coach Hazard will continue to make adjust- ments to his squad and overall form of the team over the next few weeks. He plans to go into the GNAC and win the championship to highlight his first season as head coach. He is also looking for- ward to the years ahead with the program.

For now, the Lasers take each game one at a time and will host GNAC foe, Norwich University, on September 27 at 1:00 p.m.

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