Newcomers react to Lasell

Illustration by Amanda Bennett
Illustration by Amanda Bennett

Haleigh Santilli and Shapleigh Webster– 1851 Staff

Being new anywhere is a petrifying experience. Awkward introductions, conversations and icebreakers, people you don’t know. Anyone can feel like they’re a little fish in a big pond, especially a college freshman or new student, when everything is changing in the world around you.

I am Haleigh Santilli and coming into Lasell I knew that everything was changing for me; an incoming freshman who was ready for college on one hand, but completely terrified on the other. Since visiting the campus in the winter, I knew Lasell was the place for me.

The campus is easy to navigate, making it possible for me to get to my classes on time, even when they are on opposite sides of campus. Not only did the campus that drew me to Lasell, but the people as well. I’ve met so many of my peers and professors who have shown me noth- ing but a warm welcome.

I worried about being a commuter student and found a lot of outlets that adhere to commuter students, such as the commuter lounge, commuter meal plans and the Long Distance Lasers. All of those aspects made my transition to college much easier. Another aspect that drew me to Lasell is that the professors are there to help and guide you, as well as treat you like the adults you are. They help you understand the amazing amount of opportuni- ties that Lasell has to offer, such as connected learn- ing, where many other school may not.

I’m Shapleigh Webster, a transfer student here. Lasell was my first college acceptance this past spring and I knew as soon as I got my acceptance packet that was where I was meant to be. Moving in as a transfer student who had never lived on a college campus was easily just as hard, if not harder, as it was for the freshmen: I didn’t know where anything was, how the dining hall worked, and I didn’t know anyone.

I chose to transfer to Lasell for its reputation, and the small campus within the city limits of Boston, but I knew nothing about the school. Though I came in blindly, I’ve had nothing but warm feelings since moving in. My professors and peers have been nothing but welcoming and inviting, and have assured me that Lasell was the right choice to finish my college career.

Starting college, whether a new or returning student, freshman or transfer, resident or commuter, is difficult. Everyone chooses a dif- ferent path, and on that path takes a different journey. Though we all may come from different backgrounds, are in different stages of life, or live in different places, all of us chose Lasell for a reason. Take pride Lasers, Repulsae Nescia.

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