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Domino's and Dragon Chef are two poplar off-campus dining choices. (Photo by Lindsay Tavarozzi_)

Domino’s and Dragon Chef are two poplar off-campus dining choices. (Photo by Lindsay Tavarozzi)

Lindsay Tavarozzi  1851 Staff

Dining hall food can be great, but some- times ordering takeout is exactly what a stu- dent needs. Whether it’s Chinese food, deli, or Italian, the possibilities are unlimited. Newton offers a variety of places within prox- imity to the Lasell campus, most of them without a delivery charge.

Lily’s Kitchen

Chinese food is a common option for college students. Moise Michel, a senior said he prefers Lily’s Kitchen’s Chinese food. “I like to switch things up often, but somehow I always end up getting Chinese and Lily’s is my favorite,” said Michel. Lily’s Kitchen is located in Waltham, MA and serves traditional Chinese dishes.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Dragon Chef

Michel also orders from Dragon Chef, also located in Waltham. “I really like selections from both Lily’s and Dragon Chef, but if they merged into one Chinese restaurant, it would be absolutely perfect,” he said.

Junior Peter Ventola said he ordered from Dragon Chef a lot during his first year. “Dragon Chef is the easiest and most conve- nient of the Chinese restaurants. Dragon Chef is open until 1 a.m. Sunday-Thursday and until 2:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday,” said Ventola. He also said Dragon Chef has pretty

fast delivery and great portions, too. “One thing I found helpful my first year was that Dragon Chef knew the campus very well. With most restaurants, you have to give directions to each building, but Dragon Chef delivers here so often that they just know,”

said Ventola.

4 out of 5 stars

Prospect Cafe

Junior Chris White said his go-to take- out is the Prospect Cafe. The Prospect Cafe is a pizzeria and deli located in Waltham that provides customers with 10% off a purchase if the order is made online.

“Prospect Cafe has different kinds of sandwiches and frozen yogurt shakes, and the sandwiches are these special double-decker subs. Even I couldn’t finish one,” said White. White said Prospect Cafe takes a while to de- liver, but the food is “Well worth the wait.”

4.5 out of 5 stars


Domino’s is always a common option for first year students, probably because it’s well known around the United States. The closest Domino’s to campus is located in Newton.

“Domino’s is cheap and they always have coupons and good deals. They also know our campus very well, and they especially know Woodland Hall,” said Ventola.

Not only can Domino’s be or- dered online, but students are able to select which college campus and building they are in, and can track their orders. “Most of the time I spend under $20.00 and I get a meal for three or more people. Just try not to call 20- 30 minutes before they close because it gets really chaotic,” said Ventola.

4 out of 5 stars

Paying for off- campus meals can get expensive, which is why it’s crucial to be familiar with the options and be sure the quality of the food worth paying for. After being on campus for a few years, many students have found their favorite takeout restaurant to feed their cravings. Hopefully these tips and reviews from some upperclassmen are beneficial and can help narrow down the options.

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