Q&A: Montana takes head coach position

Todd Montana is ready to jump in as the new women's basketball head coach.
Todd Montana is ready to jump in as the new women’s basketball head coach.

Max Berkowitz – 1851 Staff

What coaching experience have you had?

“I spent ten years coaching basketball and three years coaching women’s volleyball prior to moving to Lasell as the Sports Information Director. I spent two years as an assistant men’s basketball coach at Union College. I then spent two years as the assistant men’s basketball coach at LeMoyne College, located in Syracuse, N.Y. From LeMoyne I moved to Green Mountain College, in Poultney, Vt. where I was the head men’s basketball coach for six seasons and worked as the head women’s volleyball coach for three years.”

What preparation did you do to get ready for the upcoming season?

“Our women’s team has already begun work- ing out with our strength and conditioning staff and playing pickup basketball. Because of NCAA rules I am not allowed to work with them until October 15th, but until then I can guarantee I will be work- ing to put the framework in place to help them be successful, and I know they will be working hard to improve both individually and collectively.”

What do you look forward to as coach of the basketball team at Lasell?

“I am very excited to be returning to a profes- sion I love. Stepping away from the game for three years has allowed me to gain more perspective into what I love about the teaching aspects of the game and how I can better connect with the student-ath- letes that I’m coaching. I have grown to love Lasell over the last two and a half years, and I believe strongly in the institution and the opportunities that it can provide to young people. I’m excited to recruit to a place I believe in, and I’m excited to work with the student-athletes that are here be- cause I think there is a lot of potential and they are a fantastic group of young women.”

What changes do you hope to make?

“I want to continue to develop the chemistry within the team, to continue to build the bonds among the women in the program and to continue promoting the idea that Lasell women’s basketball is never going to be satisfied with average levels of growth and development.”

What expectations do you have?

“Honestly, I have the same expectation for the women’s basketball program that I’ve had for any other team or group of student-athletes that I’ve ever worked with. I expect them to be excited to do something that they are passionate about. I expect them to trust that I am working to help them grow and to work to the best of their ability to develop, and I expect them to believe that I am more con- cerned with our program than I am with myself. If they accept those values, and buy into sharing those same ideas then we are going to far surpass the ex- pectations that people can set for our program.”

Have you ever coached a women’s team?

“I have coached women’s volleyball for three years, and I spent two years helping with the wom- en’s basketball team at Lasell on a volunteer basis. I believe all athletes, regardless of gender, just like all students regardless of gender, learn things in dif- ferent ways. Coaches, just like teachers, are tasked with helping students learn. In order to do so, they must figure out the way to deliver a message to peo- ple so they learn…”

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