Abroad with my team Reply

Brianna Robbins – Sports Editor

This past August, my field hockey team and I spent five days in Bermuda for pre-season. The trip had been discussed since I first stepped foot onto this campus my freshman year. When I first heard about this trip, I thought it was too expensive and there would be too much time spent fundraising before this trip would ever happen. I look back on these past three years I spent at different fundraising events and at the end of the day it was all worth it.

Usually for pre-season my team would spend about six hours a day practicing on Grellier field, up to two hours of rehab for injuries or wear and tear on the body, plus three meals added in sometime between all of this. Bermuda was a nice change, not just from the ordinary pace of pre-season, but because it provided unordinary team activities and bonding. Instead of going back to Rockwell to take a nap, we had the choice to take our nap on the hotel’s private beach.

My team and I had the opportunity to play against two international teams including the Bermudian National Team and the Federation Club Team. Even though we lost both games, it was an amazing learning experience. We were able to learn from their style of play and compare it to what we are used to playing in America. At the end of each game, we would shake hands with each player on the team saying “good game” while handing the player something Lasell related, such as a keychain, and they would hand each of us something Bermuda related, such as a bracelet.

The memories made off the field are some of the memories I will cherish the most. Some of the best were the ones made on our bus rides to practices. Our bus driver, Harry-O, made it feel like we had brought Rob the shuttle driver over to Bermuda with us. My favorite memory on the bus was when Harry-O let us have our own team karaoke by using his tour guide microphone as he played the music video on the bus TV. Seeing my teammates and coaches laugh and goof-off with each other are the stories we will share with the next group of Lasers to join the field hockey family.

When a team spends time off the field or court, they learn a lot more about themselves and how their teammates think or work. Building these relationships off the field, and, for our case, in another country, definitely is beneficial to how our season rolled out. My team is currently fighting for a home playoff game, which is possible, and would be the first time in many years for the program.

If I was to time travel back to freshmen year and given the option, do you fundraise for the next three years to have the opportunity to play international [field] hockey? I would simply answer, “Are you kidding me? Of course! When do we leave?”

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