Campus clubs lead forward

More than 700 students signed up for the nearly 200 clubs and organizations offered on campus at this year's Activities Fair. (Photo courtesy of Lasell College)
More than 700 students signed up for the nearly 200 clubs and organizations offered on campus at this year’s Activities Fair. (Photo courtesy of Lasell College)

Ryan Fitzgerald – 1851 Staff

Among the many clubs offered this fall are six new groups that are quickly becoming popular. The number of clubs on campus has more than tripled since 2006, increasing from 19 to 65, according to Justin Bruce, Coordinator of Student Organizations.

One of the clubs new to Lasell this fall is Yoga Club, started by sophomore Kelsey Desjardins. Desjardins, who has been practicing yoga for 10 years, is a certified yoga instructor and is excited to bring her interest to students on campus.

“I started the club to offer yoga classes to anyone who enjoys it as much as I do,” Desjardins said.

Hockey Club is also new this fall after having an unsuccessful start last year. Sophomores Jared Dulieu, Andrew Dulac and Nick Moreau played ice hockey in high school and are now in charge of the new club.

“Last year we didn’t have it together, but this year is different,” Dulieu said.

The club plans to offer students a fun and free way to play pick-up street hockey on the tennis courts across the street from the Arnow Campus Center. Hockey Club has a laid-back attitude allowing students to have fun while playing.

“It won’t be anything too serious,” Dulieu said, “Just pick-up games between students on campus.”

Amnesty International, a human rights and social justice advocacy club promotes awareness of these issues. Focusing on giving third-world countries the services they need, the club is pioneered by sophomores Tessa Dinnie and Rebecca Lanham.

“We are so excited to become incredibly active on campus,” said Lanham.

Dinnie and Lanham have been interested in this organization since high school and have worked with nonprofit organizations before. The purpose of the club is for students to learn about these issues and make a positive change in the world.

Circle K is an international service leadership organization. Circle K is partnered with other charities and works towards improving the life of communities around the world. Sophomore Meagan Pariseau is the head of the Circle K Club and is dedicated to helping improve the community starting with Lasell, but has hopes of going beyond. “I was the president of the Key Club in my high school which is equivalent of Circle K so I’ve been involved in this for a few years,” Pariseau said.

LEAF Club, which stands for Lasell Environmental Action Force is headed by senior Dylan Sullivan. The club plans on making an impact among the student body here at Lasell. The club will be placing containers around campus for students to put their empty water bottles in to promote recycling. They are focused on lowering the amount of carbon emissions put out on campus by 20 percent and want to improve the environment impact at Lasell. The club will be targeting athletics to stop using plastic water bottles and instead reusable water bottles.

“Last year we would be lucky to have more than ten students at a meeting but right now we have 30 members,” Sullivan said.

The Running Club offers students the opportunity to run for pleasure around local trails and roads. Sophomore and co-president, Briana Wrubleski, has a passion for running. She ran Track and Field for Lasell last year and is running Cross Country this year. Wrubleski is planning on completing her first half marathon this spring.

“The group’s runs and races will be very casual and will not involve any intense running. I want people to know that running can be enjoyable,” Wrubleski said.

Student Organizations allow students to share their ideas and create a club they believe in.

“There is no such thing as a dumb club idea. All you need are at least three members and an advisor to start a club,” said Bruce. “The goal of Student Organizations is to provide the student body with opportunities to fulfill their interests along with learning skills that will assist them in their future.”


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