Campus jobs benefit students for the future

Kait Quinn & Tina Nalepa – Managing & Arts Editors

A variety of offices offer student employment on campus. The convenience of living and working on campus all while working with your peers with an above minimum wage pay leads to friendships and knowledge of the work force. Both of us, seniors at Lasell, have taken the opportunity to work on campus.

As we both are Resident Assistants (RA) and Blue Key Society Members (BKS), we gain knowledge of the community and further help the campus both inside and outside the classroom. Our jobs include building a community, attending meetings to further benefit the community, planning events, marketing, solving conflicts, promoting inclusion making sure everyone has a feeling of being at home and monitoring behavior on campus. All of these tasks load us with the abilities to gain more knowledge on how to act as leaders in the real world and give us the opportunity to practice what we learn in the classroom in a real-life setting.

In BKS, as student workers in admissions, we hold several positions and responsibilities, including office work, tour guides, and customer service. We practice our communications skills with prospective students, other faculty members both in and outside of the office, and marketing Lasell. We practice the skills we learn as communication majors in our jobs already. The office work learned is a valuable life skill that can be applied to post-graduation jobs.

As RAs, we are constantly working with our peers who we meet inside of the classroom. Leadership skills are put to the test when collaborating and solving conflicts with fellow peers. It is hard to work with students of the same age group, as we are most likely friends with them, resulting in the students thinking things can “let things slide.” RAs of first-year students can often avoid this conflict because this group of student is eager and willing to attend events and learn more about the college they are now attending.

As RAs and BKS workers, we have had the opportunity to grow as students and use our knowledge from the classroom in the working world. Therefore, working on cam-pus has its benefits both inside and outside of the classroom.

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