New training staff, familiar faces Reply

Lance Forrest1851 Staff

Lasell Athletics has hired two new athletic trainers at the start of the fall sports preseason. Chris Noyes and Colin McCullough were brought in this year to fill a void in the athletic program, joining current trainer Hilary Turner to form a three- person team.

All three trainers share a common thread as all are graduates of Bridgewater State University. Noyes was an assistant trainer at Bridgewater State for five years and Turner’s clinical instructor before he received the head training position at Lasell. As for McCullough, he was a year ahead of Turner in school.

“It’s good to already know the people and know how you are going to work with them,” said Noyes. “Certainly when coming to new program.”

The first thing Noyes put in place was an action to bring all paperwork to a digital format for ease of input and access. Next, he added five new doctors as affiliates, including a chiropractor. He has hopes to further grow the program.

The team of trainers is focused on recovery, combining strength and conditioning with rehab.

Noyes said, “It keeps [athletes] up to pace with the team.” He also mentioned that the athletes have to be active participants in order to insure complete recovery.

With new staff, comes new policies. Now every visit needs to be scheduled instead of a former walk-in policy. This assures a more personalized, one-on-one approach for athlete evaluation and rehab.

As for working with college-aged athletes, Noyes said that it has become a natural facet of his life and job. He recognizes that players want the quickest recovery possible, and he is here to get athletes back on the field in full health.

Turner said this has been a “flawless transition” for Noyes and McCullough and is excited about being part of a well-meshed team of trainers.

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