‘Rob’ to leave police station Reply

Rob Davis, Lasell's beloved shuttle driver.  (Photo courtesy of Lasell College)

Rob Davis, Lasell’s beloved shuttle driver. (Photo courtesy of Lasell College)

Colin Bracken – Contributing Writer

Rob Davis, the famous shuttle driver at Lasell, will be changing careers. Davis was a consistent face behind the wheel of the shuttle in years past and, starting this fall he worked in the Campus Police station. Davis will leave his position in the station and will stay with Lasell part-time as the Saturday Natick Mall driver and will be on-call to drive the shuttle if needed during other times.

Lasell has had the privilege of Davis driving the shuttle for four years and he has been an inspiration to students and faculty. Students would be greeted by a warm smile and handshake when boarding the shuttle. Davis has been the man with the cheery grin and was always excited to bring students wherever they needed to go. However, at the conclusion of the 2014 spring semester, it was determined that the influx of new shuttle drivers would move Davis to the Campus Police Station. Effective this fall, Davis was behind the glass in the Campus Police office, assisting students with their needs.

Yet, the new job did not bring the same excitement and interaction with the students Davis desired.

“Campus Police has been trying to get me to move down here and my reluctance to do so was evident,” said Davis.

Duties in the campus police station consist of printings new ID cards, managing the lost and found, and helping students with whatever brings them to his window.

“I was told that I would still have the same amount of student interaction as I did on the shuttle, but I have begun to notice that this just is not for me,” said Davis.

The shuttle has not been the same. Students all over campus voiced their displeasure with the decision.

“Even when there was nothing happening on campus on Thursday nights, my friends and I would ride the shuttle just to hang out with Rob,” said junior Brad Sandowski.

But because of his job change, Davis has made the decision to pursue other full-time endeavors. Davis has gotten his Commercial Driving License with hopes of driving school busses for nearby high schools.

In attempts to keep Davis on campus, a petition was made by sophomore Mary Jo Fisher to try and keep the beloved Lasell employee around for a little while longer.

“Rob has such a huge heart and he means so much to all of us, and the fact that he is leaving is sad to the entire student body, so I made this petition to try and convince him to stay,” Fisher said.

Davis’ weekend shift, yet with less frequent driving, will mean students will continue to interact with him and they will enjoy his warm personality and genuine demeanor permeated throughout the Lasell community.

“When I was first introduced to Rob by my roommate I was instantly overjoyed with the kindness that he had for a complete stranger. It was really, really cool,” said senior Fallon Comrack.

“As long as I can make other people happy, and have that connection with the students, that’s all I need in my life to be happy,” said Davis.

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