“The McCarthys” is predictable, but has its moments Reply

Joey McIntyre, actor on "The McCarthys" and member of New Kids on the Block talks with the audience during the press screening of "The McCarthys". (Photo by Natalie Kfoury)

Joey McIntyre, actor on “The McCarthys” and member of New Kids on the Block talks with the audience during the press screening of “The McCarthys”. (Photo by Natalie Kfoury)

Natalie Kfoury – Editor-in-Chief

Members of The 1851 Chronicle were invited to a press screening of “The McCarthy’s,” a new show coming to CBS. Held at the New England Newspaper and Press Association housed at Northeastern College, the press screening showed the pilot episode of “The McCarthys” and featured a Q&A session with Joey McIntyre, a member of New Kids on the Block and plays the character Gerard McCarthy on the show.

“The McCarthys” is about a pretty typical Irish Bostonian family who is, for the most part, obsessed with sports. The parents and three of the four grown children love sports, primarily basketball. However, Ronny McCarthy (Tyler Ritter) is athletically challenged and happens to be gay. When Ronny is considering moving to Providence, Rhode Island to pick up a job opportunity there, the McCarthys spring into action to try to keep the entire family together.

This is really where the show gets funny as Arthur McCarthy (Jack McGee) offers Ronny the position of Assistant Basketball Coach to entice him to stay, much to the dismay of Ronny’s sports-loving brothers Sean ( Jimmy Dunn) and Gerard (McIntyre) and his sister Jackie (Kelen Coleman). The humor keeps going when the family surprises Ronny by turning their apartment into a gay club, furthering hoping to deter his move to Providence by showing their support and attempts to liven up his Boston social life.

In whole, “The McCarthys” has great moments of humor in what could be very predictable and therefore dull story lines. The humor is placed perfectly throughout, making the viewer feel like the laughs are consistent. The show has potential to be a strong addition to the television lineup.

The acting is also strong, as the cast seems to vibe together, furthering the humor well and making the family dynamic realistic. The Boston accents also are not forced, which is great as not everyone in Boston has the distinctive accent and many Boston-based shows force the accents, which can make them sound fake and atrocious.

After the screening, McIntyre answered questions to the crowd, speaking on his experiences so far on the show, how he worked to get the position, on making the transition from a singing career to acting, and offered some personal advice.

“You’ll go home crying sometimes. You just got to get through it. You might change your path or career, but you just got to keep going,” he said on following dreams and staying positive.

“The McCarthys” airs October 30 at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

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