Veggie Galaxy is out of this world Reply

Krista DeJulio – Features Editor

Veggie Galaxy, nestled in the heart of Cambridge surrounded by thrift shops, records stores and other small cafes stands out among the crowd for being a homey, throwback diner serving strictly vegetarian and vegan options. Inside the restaurant is also a bakery that serves 100 percent vegan baked goods.

Like any good diner, breakfast is served all day with tofu and tempeh as replacements for sausage and bacon. The menu offers substitutes of tofu and tempeh for meat dishes in Reuben, melts, BLTs, black bean burgers and mushroom burgers. The bakery located inside offers numer- ous unique cheesecakes, muffins and pies made fresh daily including daily specials.

The portions served at Veggie Galaxy are hefty, with each meal having the choice of a side and homemade coleslaw. When choosing a burger, the customer has the option of either a black bean or mushroom burger with many add-ons such as pesto, garlic mayo, onion rings and more. Customers can also “build their own” omelets and burgers at no additional cost with countless choices.

Veggie Galaxy is set up like a classic diner with vinyl seats, booths and a bar where patrons can see their food being made. Fun, colorful pop art covers nearly every inch of the walls. Not only does Veggie Galaxy specialize in vegetarian and vegan dishes, but also serves timeless diner foods like cheesy fries, onion rings and fried pickles. Veggie Galaxy offers are 10 different kinds of milkshakes that can also be made into malts.

The prices are reasonable, and many of the sandwiches and burgers are gourmet or specialized with add-ons to choose from. Any vegetarian item can be made vegan through substituting dairy cheese for homemade vegan cheese and the eggs used for omelets are from cage-free chickens. The fountain drinks are also made locally in Jamaica Plain, which are micro- brewed, meaning it is made with unfiltered water, no corn syrup and no artificial flavors.

Overall, the experience of Veggie Galaxy is pleasant and filling to the stomach. The servers are friendly, knowledgeable and quick to bring out the food. Any vegetarian or vegan will be excited from the extensive menu and will have a hard time choosing what to order. Any vegetarian will leave happy and pleased with their choice.

To get there take Riverside to Park St. and switch to Alewife on the Red Line. Get off at the Central Square stop with a five minute walk.

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