Women’s volleyball grows despite obstacles Reply

Senior co-captain Kathy Cameron and teammates celebrate during a home game. (Photo by Heather Johnson)

Senior co-captain Kathy Cameron and teammates celebrate during a home game. (Photo by Heather Johnson)

Shapleigh Webster – 1851 Staff

Behind every strong team, there are strong leaders, passion for the game, and friendship. The Lasell Woman’s Volleyball team has all of these qualities, especially friendship, which despite a tough season, have only become stronger.

“If you see one of the volleyball players, you’re bound to see another, we’re always together,” said senior captain Kathy Cameron.

The team has dinner together every night. They go out and get frozen yogurt and even play midnight Frisbee together.

With nine freshmen on the team this year, it’s essential for the players from previous seasons to get everyone involved and feeling like more than just a team. This season the team has two seniors, Jessica Baird and Cameron.

Junior Alyssa Nahigian, a captain said, “We run warm ups, talk to refs when there is a problem during a match, we are the sole messengers between the coaches and the players. We try and act like leaders for the girls.”

Their strong friendships are what keep them motivated, and is what head Coach Mary Tom believes will get them through the rest of the season.

“At times, we faltered and have had our ups and downs, but I am still very confident that we can be a contender once we hit full stride,” said Tom. “The remaining conference matches will determine our standings in the GNAC. I am looking to pull the upset of the century.”

A losing record can often be very discouraging, but the team refuses to let that be a reason not to finish strong.

“We have a few more to win,” said Cameron. “We are definitely on a road to improvement.”

Because there are so many freshman on the team, it was very hard in the beginning to see how everyone was going to play together, Tom said that was a blessing.

“I was very fortunate to have this incoming freshmen. They are very talented,” said Tom. “Every year is a recruiting year as there is a rate of attrition as well. I want to bring the level of play to the next level. I hope to be top four within the GNAC conference and I think this team can do it. I consider this both a team building and team winning year.”

Women’s volleyball is currently 5-24 overall and 2-5 in the GNAC for the season.

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