Yoga Club becomes popular on campus Reply

The Lasell College Yoga Club poses for a photo. (Photo courtesy of Yoga Club)

The Lasell College Yoga Club poses for a photo. (Photo courtesy of Yoga Club)

Erin Sanders – Contributing Writer

This semester brings the first Lasell Col-lege yoga club, started by certified instruc- tor, Kelsey Desjardins. The classes are at 6 p.m. every Sunday on the second level on the campus center.

“Yoga is necessary on a college campus,” Desjardins said on fitness options for students.

When the club was introduced at the fall activities fair, Desjardins said there were 177 students who signed up for the new club, out of the total 700 students documented signing up for clubs, according to the Laser Letter sent out by the Office of Student Activities.

Desjardins said classes have between 20 and 30 students each week, all varying in yoga experience. When surveying her first class, Desjardins found about half of the club had experience with yoga and the other half was new to the exercise. Desjardins handled this mix of students by offering easy, medium, and hard postures in each class, giving the members to feel included and challenged.

“We try not to do anything wicked extreme. We want the club to be open to anyone who is interested,” said Desjardins.

Club members seem to think she has been handling this variety of students well.

“I’d say I’m at an intermediate level, but I’ve seen Kelsey work with those who are beginners and who are experts and she switches from each level very well,” said club member Samantha Mackie.

In addition to classes, the club has organized other events for members as a way of bonding and getting to know each other better. The first was an introductory ice cream date at Wally’s Ice Cream.

“We pretty much have the whole semester planned out as far as extra activities,” said Desjardins. “We also have two dates planned where we’ll go into Boston and take specialty classes. I’m in contact with one of the instructors who will be giving us a private lesson.” She also has movie nights, tie dye events, a t-shirt sale, and an end of the semester party planned.

Desjardins became involved with yoga after a back injury she developed while practicing gymnastics. She began to see a holistic healer who recommended yoga. She has been involved in the activity on and off for the past 10 years.

This summer she decided to take the hobby to the next level and become a certified instructor. Before going on a week long retreat to become certified, prospective instructors must research the subject heavily, take different types of classes, and practice a variety of postures and poses. Desjardins then traveled with a group to an island off the coast of Maine where they dedicated the trip to yoga, including 4 a.m, meditation sessions, multiple yoga classes, teaching a course, and taking a final exam before becoming officially certified.

There has also been a Facebook page created for the group called Lasell Yoga. The site updates members on the schedule of the club meetings, events that will be happening, as well as interesting facts about yoga. The page currently has 146 likes.

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