Editors Corner Reply


By Natalie Kfoury – Editor-in-Chief

Volunteering and service are in the blood of Lasell. Numerous courses include service and almost every club seems to do something to give back. During my time at Lasell, I have participated in so many service events and each has affected me positively. My favorite annual service event, besides the trip to Ecuador as I cannot participate in that again, would be the Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL)’s annual Holiday Board.

The CCBL’s annual Holiday Board is found in the front lobby of Klingbeil, the CCBL campus location. Each year, the CCBL partners with families from the Teen Living and the Second Step programs. Each family who participates in the Holiday Board sends in their family wish list. Students from Lasell can simply go to the CCBL, pick a wish list off the board, and shop for that family.

I participated in the Holiday Board last year and I was so excited to take part in it again this year that I helped decorate the board for it in the CCBL. The feeling that you get from shopping for a family, child, or young adult is indescribable.

I would say that I am a person who is obsessed with Christmas and loves shopping for friends, but shopping for a family that I had never met and probably would never meet was beautiful and moving.

I urge you all to go take a look at the Holiday Board and see if there is someone you could shop for to help give them a brighter holiday season. The holidays should be a beautiful time and they are quickly approaching. Let’s make sure that we can help everyone have the best time possible during the most wonderful time of the year.

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