Letter to the Editor Reply

Tessa Dinnie Contributing Writer

First of all, I would like to applaud [Natalie] for asking the Lasell community to learn from the mistakes that have been made, and start to make this campus safer for everyone, whether they are a student or a neighbor. I would also like to praise you for asking Lasell why the students did not hear a thing about the four forced sexual assaults that occurred in the 2013-2014 school year. Here’s what I’m asking, why did it take so long for Lasell to make the students aware about an alleged sexual assault that happened on our small campus? What makes this one so special that we deserve an email and didn’t hear a word about the others? Why did the media catch on to this tragedy?

While I am happy that the school is offering self-defense classes, both here and at Mount Ida, I am sad that we need to offer it. I believe it is high time that we start to teach everyone differently about sexual assault and how to prevent them from happening. We as a society, need to start teaching everyone, it is NEVER the survivor’s fault, regardless of gender, that it is NEVER ok to do anything without someone’s consent, that yes means yes. These are the steps that we, society and Lasell, need to take in order to make sure that sexual assaults don’t happen to anyone, anywhere, regardless if they are sober or under the influence. The alleged sexual assault was an upsetting tragedy on campus, and I can’t imagine the pain and suffering that the survivor must be going through. That is why we need to adjust our teachings, so that no student at Lasell, no student at any college has to feel like that.

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