Newsroom returns for third and final season Reply

The Newsroom will air the final six episodes on HBO on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. (Photo courtesy of

The Newsroom will air the final six episodes on HBO on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. (Photo courtesy of

By Ryan Macleod – 1851 Staff

The Newsroom, created by Aaron Sorkin, has returned for its final season on HBO. The show focuses on current events and how they are covered in the news industry. Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, holds the lead role as the anchor of the six o’clock nightly newscast.

Season three gives more of a focus to secondary characters like Neal Sampat (Dev Patel), a member of the staff and the writer of McAvoy’s blog. Season three also gives Maggie Jordan, (Allison Pill), a larger role. Jordan was a former intern at Atlantis Cable News, but has been promoted to associate producer during her time at the company.

The first episode of season three covers the Boston Marathon bombing. The episode starts with senior producer MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer), witnessing the bombs going off on a television feed. She and McAvoy leave McAvoy’s office and immediately get to work. ACN was coming off air as a large story about “Operation Genoa,” which after airing was proven to be completely false. The president of the news division, Charlie Skinner (Sam Waterston) refused to let the news team on the air until the facts were confirmed, making ACN the final news organization to report on the bombings.

In this episode, it appeared as though McAvoy was starting to lose what he was trying to vocalize. He delivers one speech off the cuff about getting the facts right, but immediately after delivering the speech says to himself, “I think I blew it.”

McAvoy also presents a speech later in the episode where he repeats what Charlie Skinner said immediately after Skinner said it. Neal Sampat (Patel) is contacted online and is told he needs a higher level of encryption. At a staff meeting the next day, he tells the staff that he is being given classified documents from an unknown source. Many of the producers do not follow up on this story as Sampat has been known to do, along with having interesting story ideas, including trying to prove Bigfoot is still alive.

The Newsroom does a great job with their coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings. Not only do they show how a newsroom works, but they also included how social media was a detriment to reporting in the case of the aftermath and the manhunt of the bomber that followed.

However, the episode had its flaws, the news anchors mispronounced ‘Wa- tertown,’ calling it, “Watertin,” a simple mistake, but something that would not be taken lightly if it occurred live.

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