Student attracts national attention with weight loss Reply

By Haleigh Santilli – 1851 Staff

Hanna Preston may seem like your average junior and accounting major at Lasell, but what she has accomplished over the past two years is truly inspiring. Preston has been able to lose and keep off 110 pounds, while being featured on, Good Morning America and will soon be featured in Women’s Health Magazine.

Growing up, Preston had always strug- gled with her weight. Even though she had tried countless diets and programs, nothing seemed to really work.

“The huge turning point was junior year prom. Everyone felt so beautiful in the dress and I longed for that confidence and [that] was the push I needed,” said Preston.

She decided that she was going to seize the opportunity of losing the first major bulk of weight and becoming healthier during the summer before her freshman year at Lasell. In the beginning, Preston didn’t have a specific meal plan or workout schedule but set weekly goals for herself, which included eating more salads, drinking more water and walking to places rather than driving.

At first the weight came off quickly, and then began to slow down, but Preston didn’t let that discourage her. She stayed dedicated and motivated by remembering her daily goals, which soon became a daily routine, rather than a chore.

“Don’t focus on the fact that you need to lose say a 150 pounds or even 25 pounds; focus on the fact that that week you want to lose one pound,” said Preston.

By the time Preston was halfway through her second year of school, she had already lost a significant amount of the weight. While visiting a friend at the beginning of this past summer, it was suggested to Preston that she enter a competition on Much to Preston’s surprise she won the competition and in September was contacted by Good Morning America as well as Women’s Health Magazine.

Preston became an inspiration for so many struggling with weight. Even though she’s lost so much and kept it off for such a long period of time, she doesn’t see herself as what she used to weigh but how she is now.

The main priority of Preston isn’t magazines or television interviews. Instead she focuses on her schoolwork and inspiring others. Although she is focusing on her academics, Preston someday hopes to be able to help others who are in the same situation as she was when trying to lose weight.

“It’s easy for me to relate to where they are,” said Preston. “It’s hard to look at a person who’s tiny, with muscles because you know that they’ve never been where you are. It’s cool to be able to say that this is where I was, it took me a while but I got there.”

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