Swift ages on 1989 Reply

Swift recently released her fifth studio album, "1989".  Above is Swift performing at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. (Photo courtesy of hollywoodlife.com)

Swift recently released her fifth studio album, “1989”. Above is Swift performing at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. (Photo courtesy of hollywoodlife.com)

By Krista DeJulio Features Editor

When Taylor Swift announced she was straying away from country music was anyone else confused as to when the last time she was actually considered country? This is Swift’s first official pop album, yet is similar to her other albums. Swift has recently released her fifth studio album, 1989, named after the year she was born, with sounds of synths, guitars, indiscrete drums, and overall, maturity in her lyrics.

The album starts off with the track “Welcome to New York,” which is about Swift’s recent move to New York City. The song has its catchy moments with addictive and repetitive lyrics. Swift’s closing song, “Clean,” is where listeners see the most maturity in her lyrics, with complex lyrics about, what else, a breakup. She sings, well, swiftly and charismatically about her break-ups, letting the listener immediately know what the song is about.

Swift’s first single, “Shake It Off,” was released in August and instantly became a summer hit and steers completely away from her past presence in country music. Swift also vowed not to attend any country music award shows and even denied the request of her record label to have at least three country songs featured on the new album.

Swift is slowly changing her image with her new music and new music videos. The videos are more extravagant and exaggerated than they have ever been. The “Blank Space” video shows Swift falling for a guy then drastically changing her mind and destroying his personal items such as throwing his phone into a fountain and beating his car with a golf club.

On this album Swift shows she’s more than her curly hair and acoustic guitar singing love songs. She has grown to make a name for herself, working with big name artists on this album, including Jack Antonoff of Fun. and Bleachers, and has also worked with Ryan Tedder, producer of several other big-name artists in the pop world.

She borrows from fellow pop diva Lana Del Rey with song “Wildest Dreams” with Del Rey-esque sounds and lyrics. Inspiration also comes from Swift’s close friend Lorde with song “I Know Places” that features fast-paced singing, high notes and poetic lyrics.

Overall, 1989 shows the growth and maturity of Swift. Swift plays into her “role” of being the crazy ex-girlfriend given to her by the media, but this album shows that she has grown from crazy ex-girlfriend to a well-rounded artist. 1989 show that she was experimenting with sound and lyrics throughout the new album that works well for her. Swift’s new album truly expresses her maturity through her ability to transition into a new sound and genre.

Standout tracks: “Bad Blood,” “Blank Space,” “I Wish You Would,” “Wildest Dreams,” “All You Had To Do Was Stay”

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