From Eddies to Lasers

By Brianna Robbins Sports Editor

My high school’s mascot was the “Red Eddies”, named after the school’s founder, Edward Little, who was an attorney and philanthropist. All throughout high school other teams would chant, “What’s your mascot? What’s a Red Eddie?” Unfortunately, this lack of identity in my school’s mascot carried over to college.

The history behind how Lasell became the Lasers can be found on the home page of Laser Pride. The story is about the history of how huge of an influence “light” has played a role in the creation of Lasell and the further developments. I respect this story and the school’s history.

It is creative and it would make sense to have fire or light incorporated somehow into the school’s mascot and teams name. However, I don’t think “Lasers” is fitting for us and believe we should have a different team name.

Boomer works but Lasers doesn’t. Boomer is beloved. He looks a little goofy, but people love seeing him. I think Boomer is a great mascot but we have faltered with our sports names.

Lasers does not work for me because there is no symbol we can use to paint on our face, have blown up on t-shirts or made up on posters. Boomer is the face of our mascot, but he is not a face of a Laser. Lasers do not have faces.

My suggestion for a team name (not the Lasers) would be some sort of animal or creature, even though we all know Boomer is a creature. Incorporating fire with the animal/creature would help keep true to the legend behind Lasell while giving students a real image to connect with. Imagine our sports teams becoming the Lasell Lions. We could have our image being a lion carrying a torch. Maybe Boomer could act as the Lion Tamer or something. It might be silly, but it would be an actual thing, rather than a beam of light.

I was part of the field hockey team and loved representing Lasell. However, if I walked onto another school’s home turf feeling like a big, ferocious lion who carries a torch, perhaps my teammates and I would feel more empowered as athletes.

I’ve had a few experiences where, I’ve had people question what’s the deal with the Lasers and why that is the name of our teams. While I know the story behind the name and am able to explain it with pride, I am sure other athletes as well as students don’t know about the story and meaning and struggle to combat the questions.

One way to help increase school spirit is having Boomer around more. Boomer is loved and respected by much of the Lasell community. It would be nice to see him more at home games or even walking around campus giving high-fives to people sitting in the dining hall when teams’ have some of their biggest games of the year.

I love everything about Lasell. As a former athlete for Lasell, I believe having a new team name for the sports teams here would be beneficial to not only the athletes but the spectators as well.

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