Men’s volleyball looks to win GNAC Reply

By Samantha Plumley – 1851 Staff

Being able to complete someone else’s sentences is a sign of being in sync. This can be said for the men’s volleyball team. As a unified team, they will be able to exceed expectations this year to win the Great Northeast Athletic Confer- ence (GNAC) championship.

“We are probably one of the best teams about getting ourselves together,” said co-captain Matt Dugan.

“Ninety percent of us live together,” Dugan said. The team spends most of their free time together, such as “listening to music in the rooms, at excessive levels,” and playing in-dorm volleyball.

Returning players on the team were quick to welcome new recruits. Co-captain Dan Raffol said the hardest thing about bringing in new players is “getting them out of the high school mindset, and bringing them into the collegiate level.” Off the court, new players are welcomed whole-heartedly into the tight-knit community.

The team is entering the 2015 season with a positive attitude. Last season, their eyes were opened to their potential and the team is working hard to achieve their goals.

“Preseason is going very well we have got more open gyms and captain’s practices than we’ve ever gotten before,” said Dugan. “We’ve got a lot of kids who are motivated to do well and work hard for each other.”

Coach, Tom Olsen has high hopes for his team this season. He is looking for the team to keep up their good grades and win the GNAC. Olsen is not the only one with expectations. Co-captains Dugan and Raffol believe the team will surpass last season’s overall record of 20-11.

The team has utilized preseason to its fullest extent, allowing the team to prepare for the upcoming season.

“We’re all working out, getting stronger and playing a lot,” said junior Dalton Whitman.

The men’s volleyball team is ready to fight for the GNAC title. Their highly anticipated first game is on Friday, January 23 at the Johnson & Wales Tournament.

“When we play together, we’re unstoppable,” said Raffol.

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