Ready for some football? Reply

By Adam Bentley – Contributing Writer

Imagine if every Saturday students walked to one of our fields proudly dressed in blue and white, anxiously awaiting kick-off. Recently there has been a buzz in the air as students gather to watch the Lasell College football team play. If this became a reality and the administration added a football team, the benefits could be immense.

According to the Lasell College Athletics website, the school has eight women’s teams, and seven men’s teams. Both women’s and men’s teams include basketball, cross country, lacrosse, soccer, track and field, and volleyball. Baseball is offered for men, while softball and field hockey are offered for women. All of these programs bring opportunity and notoriety for students and the school, but football is popular in our society. Many Lasell students would love to see a football team on campus.

A football team can bring a campus together, and increases school pride among the student body. Every weekend a good amount of the campus goes home, but a football team can change this. Having an event to look forward to every weekend in the fall is something that could give students a reason to be excited to stay on campus.

The effects of college football at larger schools are often praised due to revenue margins. We wouldn’t be selling out large stadiums like Division I schools, but adding students to fill a football team at the Division III non-scholarship level would bring enrollment growth and an increase of revenue.

According to the NCAA, the average attendance for a Division III football team was 1,952 per game in 2012. It may be difficult for Lasell to have a facility to hold those spectators. However, judging from student, alumni, family, and friends attendance at our school’s other sporting events currently, it might be possible.

Lasell would also have to decide which conference to join. Mount Ida and MIT both have football teams and are Division III. However, Mount Ida is in the Eastern Collegiate while MIT is in the New England Football Conference. The variety of options may be helpful for a new team at Lasell.

The main objection of administration to adding a football team are the start up costs and the annual operating costs. The process would not might take a few years for a football team to come into fruition, but the results would be worth it.

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