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The tennis club, among other clubs, has increased its member size and hopes to become a sport on campus.  (Photo courtesy of Lasell College)

The tennis club, among other clubs, has increased its member size and hopes to become a sport on campus. (Photo courtesy of Lasell College)

By Ryan FitzgeraldOP/ED Editor

As this semester comes to an end, clubs on campus will have their final meetings as a group. The tennis, crew, rugby, and running clubs have enjoyed success in different ways this semester.

The tennis club, led by Myranda Smith for the past year and a half, has increased its member size to 25 students this semester. “We wanted to bring up the member size so we increased our marketing with shirts, awesome lanyards, and Lasell College tennis tattoos,” said Smith.

Though happy about the increase in numbers, Smith hopes tennis will become a sport on campus.

“When I got accepted to Lasell I told my high school tennis coach that I would make the club at Lasell into something special and I truly feel like with the help of everyone, that we have been able to do just that,” said Smith.

In the spring, students must keep an eye out for the Lasell College Annual Tennis Tournament.

The relatively new crew club has been striving towards improvement as well. Sophomore captain Ian Cooney said, “We have a great group of rowers, each of whom bring dedication, passion, and competitiveness to every practice. I feel honored to be working with all of them.”

The club hasn’t competed in any races yet, but has been practicing and preparing towards doing that in the spring.

“Getting some races under our belts and constantly improving are the main goals for Lasell Crew moving forward,” said Cooney. “Each day is another chance to improve and we take full advantage of that.”

Head of the rugby club, senior Stephen Saluti, has high hopes for the squad moving forward. This semester, the team defeated rival Brandeis University in their first playoff game, only to lose their second game a week later to Amherst College.

“Our record was not what we hoped it would end up being but I’m not upset with how it went,” said Saluti.

Since rugby is a club sport it can make acquiring new talent a hard task, but Saluti believes the team gained a solid group of athletes this semester.

“Recruiting players can be tough since we are technically a club and we pretty much have to catch them as they are getting to campus, but I believe we have a solid new group this year,” said Saluti.

Moving forward, the rugby club is looking to increase their roster size to even 40 or 50 players, and hopefully win a league championship in the near future.

The running club plans to continue into the spring due to its success this fall. Nine members of the club participated in the Superhero 5K in October and many more will participate in the Holiday Hustle 5K on December 7, benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Newton.

For president Briana Wrubleski, more participation is what she had hoped for. “We have gotten much more participation in the last two road races that we are running in this semester,” said Wrubleski. “The same 5 people are not running the races like past years.”

The club is set on running in another big race such as a color or glow run in the spring, and will continue group runs when warmer conditions arrive.

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