The scoop on registration Reply

By Ryan Fitzgerald & Bri Robbins – OP/ED Editor & Sports Editor

When it comes time to register for classes for the upcoming semester, it can be stressful for some, but easy for others. Many underclassmen find this to be a difficult time while upperclassmen don’t have as much trouble.

This being my sophomore year, I (Ryan Fitzgerald) dealt with problems registering for classes for the spring semester and had to rearrange nearly my entire schedule. During my freshman year, I was lucky to register for most or all of my first choice classes while many of my friends suffered.

Underclassmen students become frustrated when they are not able to enroll in all of their first choice classes. They have to take classes at inopportune times, or even change the classes they take.

“I understand the classification process and upperclassmen should get first pick, but I believe more classes should be opened up because a lot of them are only offered in certain semesters of certain years. It makes it hard to arrange a schedule, I had to change mine at least three times even after registration opened,” said sophomore Nick Stasiak.

Being a senior, I (Bri Robbins) have been through it all when it comes to registration. One time my advisor authorized me to register for summer classes only and not for the fall. Another time my advisor forgot to authorize all of the students. I always heard the horror stories of how registering for classes back in the day meant standing in line for hours just to be enrolled into the correct courses. This past fall, I registered for all my classes in under one minute, a new record for me.

Senior graphic design major Nikita Soares was one of many seniors who did not register for her courses early on that Monday morning. She went as far as to register the following day. “I did not see it being a big issue if I hadn’t registered that morning or even the afternoon,” said Soares. “The next day we had off for the holiday and I registered at the time since the seniors were still the only ones allowed to register for classes.”

The Office of the Registrar has always been ready to help me solve my problems. Words of advice, don’t stress during registration. Talk to your advisor and anyone in the registrar office and before you know it, everything will be squared away.

Lasell currently offers 478 sections alone, with a number of courses listed under each section.

“I think we have a wide variety of sections and courses to choose from and we are always testing experimental courses to see if we can add new concepts,” said Registrar Dianne Polizzi. “Registration is a robust process, and it takes a lot of different parts of the community for it to work,” said Polizzi. “There is a two to three week process that happens long before the time of registration where we work with the chairs of each department to develop schedules and make sure all courses work within each major.”

Communication is key in this process, as factors such as sports and the honors program create challenges in making a schedule that works for everyone. It is a planned process that takes a lot of time and cooperation to come together.

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