Urinetown: A flowing success

Lasell College Drama Club performed "Urinetown: The Musical" for the fall production.  (Photo by Brianna Robbins)
Lasell College Drama Club performed “Urinetown: The Musical” for the fall production. (Photo by Brianna Robbins)

By Seán McGlone – 1851 Staff

The Lasell College Drama Club recently performed its production of “Urinetown: The Musical.” The musical focuses on a world where people must pay for “the privilege” to pee. Those who cannot afford the fee are not allowed to pee that day. Anyone caught urinating anywhere other than the public bathrooms are sent away to Urinetown.

The story follows Bobby Strong, played by Moïse Michel, as he leads a rebellion against the Urine Good Company (UGC), who implement the fee on peeing.

After his father, Old Man Strong (Spencer Hill), is taken away for peeing illegally, Bobby Strong falls in love with Hope Cladwell (Lindsey Charette), the daughter of Mr. Cladwell (Dan Fox), CEO of the UGC.

Refusing to go against her father, Cardwell is kidnapped by the poor people of the rebellion, leaving Mr. Cladwell refusing to compromise during a meeting with Strong.

Strong is taken to Urinetown and the audience later finds out he is killed and thrown from a building. After Bobby’s death, Hope takes over the rebellion and ultimately sends her father off to Urinetown.

While Hope creates a world that allows people to pee freely, the lack of water supply soon kills all the citizens of Urinetown as they sing how “This will always be Urinetown.”

“Urinetown” is a brilliant look into a fantasy where people lose their freedom for the most basic need. The show included a wide array of songs, jokes, and characters while involving the audience through the help of the narrator, Officer Lockstock, played by Vanessa Pereira.

“This was a challenge for me because it was my first time acting in a lead role, but we had a great director and I couldn’t have asked for a better cast,” said Moïse Michel.

Overall, the Drama Club did a strong job in the production of “Urinetown” and not only made the audience enjoy what they were watching, but also made them thankful for the freedom they have to pee.

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