Campus lacks strong Wi-Fi

By Allison NekolaCo-Editor-in-Chief

As students settled into campus after winter break, many were disappointed to find the Wi-Fi had not been working properly in houses, dorms, and other facilities. It has been over a month and students are still having trouble with slow Internet access; when they need to upload assignments to Moodle or when they just need to unwind and stream a movie.

It’s easy to assume the cold weather and multiple blizzards that hit the Boston area could be to blame for the slow Internet, but the problem has not stopped even though the weather has become milder.

Students living in Carpenter House have experienced a lot of issues with slow Wi-Fi. Sophomore Danika Miller said she had trouble even opening a web browser, as well as trouble accessing Moodle, and online game websites.

“The Wi-Fi was not working at all,” said Miller. “I had to leave my room when I wanted to use any type of Internet.”

Miller also said that though the Wi-Fi has been better, there has been one or two times recently that it has been slow.

Carpenter Resident Assistant Yossi Portillo contacted the IT Department about the Internet problem. She sent out an email to all her residents that included a link to a “speed-test.” Each room was asked to give information to IT about what the possible problem could be.

Carpenter is not the only house on campus that has been affected by the slow Internet. Senior Kaley Kiss lives in Haskell house and feels her schoolwork has been affected.

“The slow internet has hindered my schoolwork. It’s way too cold to always be walking back and forth from the library and I need to use the Internet for many of my assignments,” she said. “I would really like to be able to do my schoolwork from the comfort of my bed or my house.”

The response from students hasn’t only been negative. Senior Haley Ackerson, living in West Hall, has seen some improvements in her WiFi connection since the beginning of the semester.

“At first I could tell there was something off with my Internet and thought it had a lot to do with the weather,” said Ackerson. “I’ve seen a difference in the Wi-Fi strength but I wouldn’t say it is working at top speed.”

Debrah Gelch, Chief Information Officer of the IT Department, addressed a couple of issues students have been having and explained what her members are doing to fix the problem. “Due to higher usage of wireless[…]students experience slowness in uploading/downloading videos and web browsing,” Gelch said. “To reduce congestion we made a change in the configuration of the Wireless Access Points.”

She also mentioned that coverage issues do still exist in buildings especially North and Rockwell, and IT will be requesting funding to further resolve these issues.

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