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By Samantha Greaves1851 Staff

She’s the First, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education to young women in developing countries, started a chapter on the Lasell campus in spring 2014. Student leaders worldwide have taken the initiative to start a She’s the First chapter within their school community, spreading awareness of the complexities young women may face that prevent them from receiving a higher education. Danielle Fortin, a senior public relations student, has taken that initiative.

“Studies show that girls’ education within a developing community can help lift that community out of poverty. The mission of this club is to bring about global development through girls’ education,” said Fortin.

While studying during a semester at American University in Washington D.C., Fortin was invited to a gala held by the university. There she met the founder of She’s the First, Tammy Tibbetts, who was professionally recognized at the gala for the work she has done through the organization.

Fortin also met Lorrain Magee, the president of the She’s the First chapter at American University. Fortin had a meaningful conversation with Magee that sparked her New manager hopes to bring change to LCR Samantha Plumey 1851 STAFF interest in the non-profit.

“This is everything I would look for in a club,” said Fortin.

Fortin’s passion for international development issues only heightened after she participated in the recently cancelled service-learning trip to Uganda. Many students involved with the final Uganda trip are also involved with She’s the First.

The club raised more than $360 last semester, which will go toward sponsoring the primary school education of a female student in Uganda. Through more activities, the club hopes to raise enough for more students.

To raise more money this semester, She’s the First will sponsor a half-marathon called the “Run the World Campaign.” Members of the Lasell chapter of She’s the First will have people sponsor them and all the proceeds will go toward a young girl’s education. The club will also bring back yoga classes to promote the cause. People pay for a class and the proceeds will go to a young woman in need.

If interested in joining She’s the First, contact Danielle Fortin at

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