Commuters struggle through the snow Reply


Illustration by Amanda Bennett.


By Haleigh Santilli1851 Staff

These past few weeks have been a constant headache for Massachusetts residents, especially T-riders. The relentless snowfall and the aging train system do not mix well together.

On a good day, my morning starts at 6:00 a.m. I get up, make myself look presentable, then head off to the train station with my backpack in tow. In order to get to and from school, I have to take two trains and sometimes a bus. Occasionally, I’ll get lucky and take a train right as I reach the platform, other times I will have to wait at the platform for another 15 to 20 minutes.

Commuters have to constantly worry about whether or not they will make it to class on time or even at all. For instance, one afternoon, it took me almost two hours to get home because there was a shuttle busing between stations.

The day after one of our many snow storms, commuters struggled to get to school because the Red and Green lines were backed up, broken down, or running at a snail’s pace. It was very stressful because I wanted to make it to class, but there was nothing I could do.

The main concern is heavy penalization on those who commute if they’re late or can’t make it to class. There’s nothing that can be done about the situations that happen at the train and bus stations.

Understandably, the MBTA is trying its best to fix their issues. Weather in Massachusetts can get harsh in the winter, but this winter has been historically brutal.

There was ample warning about the storm, so action could have been taken to avoid many problems. The MBTA’s aging system doesn’t help as the problems that affected the trains have been there for years, and could have been fixed.

Commuting can be stressful, and there are times I wish I lived on campus. It would be nice to roll out of bed in the morning, throw on some clothes, and walk to class without worrying whether the trains will be working properly or not.

As a commuter student there is always the constant stress of thinking about how to get home safely after class during the winter. There is so much to experience at college, and there should be more opportunities for commuters to make it to and from campus day or night.

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