Lasell recognizes diversity

By Morgan Brittney AustinCopy Editor

In my four years at Lasell, I’ve always felt as though I was part of a strong, school-spirited community, not like a minority. When I first visited the campus, I was skeptical that my race, black, African American, as well as many others, were underrepresented. I was proven wrong. The overall school diversity has increased since I’ve entered Lasell and more programs have been added that address minority rights and issues.

I commend our school for handling the issues of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases by having discussions and a demonstration. I also appreciate that students were given the opportunity to see the film, “Selma,” earlier this month, which documented Dr. Martin Luther King’s protests in Selma, Ala. Dr. S. Allen Counter’s lecture on Matthew Henson’s expedition to the North Pole was rescheduled for March 3, and there are other events to look out for on campus regarding black culture.

I appreciate what has been done to make events like this happen, but more events should happen year-round. Even with the past snowstorms, I’m glad to see events for Black History Month rescheduled and not canceled. It was by chance these events were postponed, but cultures represented at Lasell should be honored throughout the school year. I want prospective students to see Lasell as the strong community I see, and feel like their cultures are always celebrated.

Diversity has become one of Lasell’s strengths. Each of us brings something unique to our campus. We all have a part in promoting diversity and respecting everyone’s differences.

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