News briefs Reply

By Ryan Fitzgerald, Lance Forrest, Kayli Hertel, Tina Nalepa, Shapleigh Webster

Compendium goes digital

“The Compendium,” Lasell’s literary art journal, is remodeling this semester with proposals of a new name, rebranding, and creating a website. This semester, there will be a magazine in full color with more emphasis on modern, fine arts.

“By [expanding] we hope to now include slam poetry, spoken word, dances, short films; anything that is more contemporary and that can broaden our horizons and include more artists,” said junior Jessica Bouchard, Co-Head-Editor.

“It’s time we caught up with what’s popular now and we wanted to be more accessible. We want people to be able to submit more comfortably,” said Olivia Slaughter, Co-Head-Editor.

For those interested in learning more about The Compendium, students can join their Facebook group, Lasell College Compendium. Those interested in submitting can send submissions to within the next month.

Criminal justice masters added

Recently, Lasell College announced a new master’s degree through the college’s criminal justice department. The Masters of Science degree is open to graduate students in three different areas: Emergency Crisis Management, Homeland Security and Global Justice, and Violence Prevention and Advocacy. Students also have the option of creating their own degree that caters to their interests. The degree requires 36 hours of class credit and will be offered starting September 2015.

Lasell vans go hybrid

Plant Operations has converted two of the Lasell vans into hybrids, and has plans to convert one of the shuttles to a hybrid over spring break.

The two vans were converted to hybrids over winter break through the company XL Hybrids after Lasell was issued a Fleet Alternative Fuel Grant through the Massachusetts Clean Cities Coalition. Former staff member, Mark Fournier, worked toward gaining this grant for about a year.

It takes one day for the electrical systems to be installed into the vans and shuttles transforming them into hybrid vehicles. The electrical battery in the vehicle charges while the vehicle is in use.

This change will make Lasell more ecofriendly and reduce gases emitted from the previous vehicles. Roxey Connelly, manager of Plant Operations, believes the change is a very good investment for the school.

“It saves the school money that would have been spent on gas and is a great tool to advertise the use of hybrids,” said Connelly.

RA applications available

Interested in becoming a resident assistant for the 2015-2016 school year? Applications are due Friday, March 13, followed by an informational recruitment reception on Tuesday, March 10 at 5 p.m. on the second floor of the Campus Center. Group and individual interviews will be held on Sunday, March 29 in Winslow Academic Center with decision letters being sent out on Monday, April 6.

Laundry prices increase

Beginning last semester, the price for laundry on campus increased to $1.75 per load, leaving students troubled about the unexpected change. The $0.25 increase is the first price raise since August 2010.

According to Diane Parker, the Assistant Vice President of Finance, the increase is permanent and the price was set in accordance to local laundromats, which charge $2.00 per load.

The extra funds will continue to go towards newer washer and dryer systems around campus, in addition to LaundryView, a way to check laundry availability via computer.

For more information on the laundry situation, contact Lasell Residential Life at

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