Snow cripples Boston, Lasell Reply

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Photos by Ryan Fitzgerald

By Ryan FitzgeraldOpinion Editor

This winter, Boston has seen an unprecedented amount of snow, and everyone is hoping it is over. According to the web page, 100 inches of snow has fallen in the city, while almost 185,000 hours were spent plowing nearly 295,000 miles.

MBTA service has been shut down multiple days while also experiencing delays and complications with certain stops, according to the Boston Globe. It will take a month until it is fully operating, given there is no more large amounts of snow.

Schools and colleges all over the city were canceled or delayed for days while numerous flights to and from Logan Airport were cancelled or delayed as well.

Lasell was forced to shut down early twice, close for five days, and delay opening once. The shuttle has been running inconsistently over the last month while Lasell facilities have been closed several days and had their schedules changed due to the storms. Residents of Gardner House were even forced to evacuate the building this past weekend because the snow weakened posts which support the roof of the porch.

“The snow has really put a delay on not only my class schedule, but my ability to commute to work,” said junior Tara Deggendorf.

Sophomore Taylor Richie has experienced similar problems. “All of my classes are very behind and before the semester began I made my work schedule to fit around my classes, so now that the school is rescheduling classes my work is affected. The snow has made this semester unnecessarily stressful,” said Richie.

It has been a constant struggle for students and professors to get into an organized schedule and many classes have only met once or twice. Only one make-up day was implemented on Friday, February 20, during Monday class hours.

Driving has become dangerous and difficult for commuter students and professors as well.

“I was driving to the mall after the last storm and my car spun out twice,” said music Professor Harvey Finstein. “At that point I just turned around and went back home.”

Commuter student Ajea Stupart said, “I think there needs to be a better sense of awareness and understanding when it comes to going to school the next day following a major snowstorm. Commuters don’t have easy access going to school without experiencing major delays on the MBTA or being stuck in hours of traffic.”

Even through all of the frustration, Lasell has done its best. Students were given ample notice when classes were cancelled or delayed, and what facilities were open or closed during the storm events by Vice President of Academic Affairs Jim Ostrow.

President Alexander also sent multiple emails out to the Lasell community commending everyone for their assistance.

“Many staff members, and vendors, went above and beyond to ensure a safe and usable campus for our students, and to care for the residents of Lasell Village,” said Alexander. “Plant operations and D&S snow removal personnel literally wore themselves out. Sodexo staff and Village managers camped out for days. Students pitched in to help cook and serve in the dining hall. And public safety of- ficers watched out for everyone’s safety.”

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