Walters continues athletic career Reply

Graduate student Brock Walters continues his last year of eligibility as a member of the men’s basketball team. (Photo by Tom Horak)

Graduate student Brock Walters continues his last year of eligibility as a member of the men’s
basketball team. (Photo by Tom Horak)

By Ryan FitzgeraldOpinion Editor

Brock Walters is one of four players from Florida on the men’s basketball team, but he is one of the only veteran players. Walters is a graduate student this year taking online classes from his home in Waltham where he lives with a few of the college’s lacrosse players.

Instead of two semesters, graduate students have four semesters a year. Walters studies business management and is returning home to Jacksonville in only three weeks. He has three courses he will complete while home, and once finished, he will work at an auto dealership or possibly in ticket sales for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The shooting guard began his freshman year at Newbury College in South Carolina, a Division II school where he had earned a scholarship to play basketball. Unfortunately he suffered an ankle injury, did not like the school, left and returned home.

For a change of pace, he decided to go to a small school up north and chose Lasell. “It was a terrible transition at first. I hated it,” Walters said. “But I got used to it and it’s not bad anymore.”

The biggest difference between Jacksonville and Newton are the towns and communities.

“Up here, there are so many towns everywhere, but back home there are more big cities,” said Walters. “And the roads here are so congested. There are so many highways in Florida.”

Even though it was a difficult change, Walters wanted to switch his lifestyle. He likes the close community Lasell offers. “You have professors you know here, which is better than going to a big school like some in Florida where you don’t really learn as much,” said Walters.

As for the snow and cold, he prefers the weather down south. The snow made it increasingly difficult for Walters to get to campus for practice and games, but he has been able to make it work.

“I just got a new car with four-wheel drive,” Walters said, smiling. “It’s better than the car I had.”

Unfortunately, the men’s basketball team has not had as successful a season as anticipated with a record of 10-15 overall and 9-9 in the GNAC.

“We have four transfer players and four freshman, so it’s definitely a rebuilding year,” Walters said.

As one of the older players on the team and has served as a mentor to younger players for the past two years, especially ones from his home state.

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