Urso and Murphy co-direct “The Vagina Monologues” 2

By Kayli Hertel

Each spring, Lasell is both entertained and educated by Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” and this year co-directors, Meghan Urso and Sarah Murphy, had a lot to say about the power behind the project.

The production celebrates V-Day, which according to www.vday.org, “V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.” The proceeds of the benefit production this year went to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARC) and the Second Step program.

1. What, in your own words, is “The Vagina Monologues” all about?

Photo by Kayli Hertel Urso and Murphy are all smiles after a rewarding and powerful performance.

Photo by Kayli Hertel
Urso and Murphy are all smiles after a rewarding and powerful performance.

Meghan Urso: To me, the Vagina Monologues is about freedom of expression. Even though the monologues are scripted, it is a really empowering feeling to be up on stage bringing awareness some scary topics such as rape and domestic violence. The Vagina Monologues is a brilliant collaboration of women revealing the truth about something no one really thinks to ask about.

Sarah Murphy: “The Vagina Monologues” is about spreading awareness. It is about getting it out there that women are still not treated equal and need to be. It is for the women.

2. Have you been in the production before?

MU: Yes! Last year I had a much smaller role. I was the “Six Year Old Girl” and “The Vagina Not So Happy Fact”. I also got up on stage two other times to report statistics. It was such an amazing experience.

SM: I was in the production last year. I had a smaller role so this year I really stepped up.

3. How and why did you decide to co-direct this year?

MU: The wonderful co-directors last year, Ashley Monck and Jenna Zamary, approached Sarah and myself about taking over the production this year and next year. The task seemed completely daunting at first, but I couldn’t be more thankful that I decided to do it.

SM: Meghan and I were junior directors last year and took over after last years directors graduated.

4. Can you name a specific part in the process that has been the most rewarding? If so, what part and why?

MU: I think the most rewarding part of this process was when that final curtain fell. Even after I had performed my monologue, I was still shaking on stage. I think it was because I look at these girls as my family now, and even though my part was done, the show wasn’t over. I wanted everyone to perform at his or her best. So when that final curtain fell, a wave of relief came over me. Every single person involved in this show did a wonderful job, and I had never been so proud in my life.

SM: The cast was the best part about this experience. They made it memorable and so enjoyable. They all did amazing and I’m so proud of them!

5. How many individuals assisted in making this possible?

MU: So many people contributed their time, efforts, and talents to making the Vagina Monologues possible. The Peer Health Educators helped to promote the show, as well as sell tickets. Our Peer Health advisor, Kate helps with practically everything! Our Peer Health intern, Devon, was kind enough to be our narrator. The brave soul Berto was willing to by my Bob in Because He Liked To Look At It. Jeremy came to almost every rehearsal to make sure our lighting was just perfect. There were so many people involved the list goes on! The production truly would not have been possible without all these collaborative efforts.

SM: So many amazing people were apart of this process. Peer health educators were awesome and helped. Without Kate McCarthy and Jeremy LaPointe the production would not be possible.

6. Is there anything you want to let Lasell know about the project?

MU: I would just like to thank everyone that helped with the show, and everyone that attended the show. We had an absolutely wonderful turnout and we will be able to make a sizeable donation with the money we raised. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way everything worked out.

To learn more about V-Day and “The Vagina Monologues” visit www.vday.org and www.eveensler.org.


  1. Terrific show about a powerful topic. Congrats to the co directors and all the actresses/actor and PHEs!! Thanks 1851 for the great photos and feature piece about the show.

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