Canine friends bring joy to Lasell

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By Kayli Hertel  Managing Editor

Each semester with the help of the Peer Health Educators, Dog B.O.N.E.S. of Massachusetts brings smiles to the faces of Lasell. Dogs of all shapes and sizes come ready to be held and played with for two hours with their owners as a part of their everyday job.

With nearly 50+ students in attendance for this session everyone involved leaves happier than when they arrived. According to the flyer that encouraged students to come to the event, “Studies claim that spending time with animals during a time of stress can relieve anxiety and depression.”

Based on these photos it’s easy to tell that animals do indeed spread positive energy and brings a smile to everyone’s face. Here are a few of the highlights starring Kyrie, Ollie, Neeko, Willow and Puck!

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