First Hospitality Day is a success Reply

Students attend booths during the networking fair to learn about available opportunities. (Photo by Allison Nekola)

Students attend booths during the networking fair to learn about available opportunities. (Photo by Allison Nekola)

By Allison Nekola & Haleigh Santilli Co-Editor-in-Chief and 1851 Staff

Hospitality, the newest addition to Lasell’s connected learning initiative, held the latest “major” day with speakers,
potential employers, and alumni on March 4, in deWitt Hall.

The success of Hospitality Day belongs to seniors Deirdre Duddy-Kennedy, and Briana Penny. The two event coordinators’ hard work and dedication were the key ingredients for the day’s success.

“It was like a dream came alive,” said Duddy-Kennedy.

“The highlight of the day for me was hearing all of the positive feedback from both students and professionals,” said
Penny. “I loved hearing that students and professionals were able to connect, because that has always been our main goal for Hospitality Day.”

The day had multiple opportunities for students to connect with other students, faculty, and experts in the industry.

Angela Delucia, owner of Elegance and Grace Weddings, was familiar with speaking at colleges and participating in
job fairs but was surprised at the dedication and functionality of the day.

“This is my first Hospitality Day event. I have been a keynote speaker before but never before at a college-student-run event like this one. I am so impressed with the work the students have put into this,” Delucia said.

Mohegan Sun representatives also benefited from the event, getting positive feedback from students and engaging with potential employees as a result.

“Hospitality in particular needs networking opportunities the most, as so much of our field is based around experiences and connections,” said Duddy-Kennedy.

“The best success was the student turnout,” said Penny. “We so appreciate all of the students who took the chance to put themselves out there and speak to professionals, the day would not have been such a success without the students.”

After the positive responses and turn-out for this year’s Hospitality Day, Penny and Duddy-Kennedy have brighter hopes for the future of the yearly event.

“We have a great platform to work from now,” Penny said. “We hope to pass it along to a few other passionate and
eager students in the hopes that this becomes a spring tradition at Lasell.”

“A huge part of the success comes from students planning the event,” said Duddy-Kennedy. “We have the best insight into what our classmates want to see and held the event to a high standard creating something that we,
ourselves would want to attend.”

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