Lasell needs an attitude adjustment Reply

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

By Shapleigh Webster – Copy Editor

Growing up, my mother always taught me to eat what was put in front of me whether I liked it or not. If I didn’t want to eat it that was just too bad because that was what was for dinner. What I love about Lasell is that we are allowed, encouraged even, to voice our opinions about how things are run on campus, what event we want to see, and what we eat.

I know we’ve all had those moments when we looked at every option in the dining hall and didn’t see a single thing we were in the mood to eat. We have all had those days where maybe our omelette wasn’t perfect, or there weren’t any black beans for our salad and we get frustrated.  It’s nice that Lasell’s dining gives us the chance to voice our opinions, and ask for different things.

I love the napkin board. It has brought me guacamole, grapes, more French toast, and coleslaw.  Some students have had great suggestions, and because we go to a smaller school, Lasell’s dining was able to accommodate. I also love the napkin board because we are free to speak our minds, whether or not our opinions are good, or meant to be constructive criticism.

What I do not like about the napkin board, the chatter in the dining hall, and confrontations I have seen, is the mean-spirited attitude toward the food. We all know that sometimes the food isn’t “gourmet,” not as good as a meal at home, or maybe not as good as you had hoped.

Lasell, we need an attitude adjustment.  Saying that “this food is served in prison” or “I would never eat the chicken here, I think it’s still breathing” is not acceptable. Writing insults on napkins, posting rude comments anonymously
on Yik Yak, and tweeting out pictures or vulgar words is not acceptable. We need to be thinking about what we are saying. Words are hurtful, and some are often unnecessary.

I will be the first to admit that there have been times where nothing in the dining hall seems appetizing. I am definitely not perfect, but there are more constructive ways to deal with our growling stomachs than being spiteful.
Make food on your own, order take out, try something new! We are adults now, and this is not the playground. We need to take a good look at ourselves. We are here to learn, and we need to learn to be productive in our criticism.

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