Printing problems persist

By Sarah Torrey – 1851 Staff

Setting up a personal printer can be expensive and often time consuming. Many Lasell students are left dependent on printers provided by the college, but issues with the printers this semester has turned this dependence into a struggle.

I have seen all kinds of technical difficulties; computers have failed to connect with printers, refused to even turn on at all, or were simply paired with a printer that had run out of paper. Add in a flock of students looking to print something at the same time and suddenly printing out an essay becomes quite the chore.

Students lead busy lives. School and jobs combined can create a huge demand for print outs with not a lot of time left to make them. When students are forced to run from building to building in search of an available functioning printer, it adds a new task that needs to be scheduled in.

The printing issue is more noticeable now since there is a free printer in Brennan Library.  Though another free printer is currently in the works, there is no other option for free printing on campus, so every time it is out of order, students are forced to dip into their printing money, which Lasell provides a limited amount of.

Technology always has an unpredictable element to it, so no one expects Lasell’s printers to work perfectly all the time. Still, the printers are a necessity for the students that use them and their many recent problems leave much to be desired.

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