Senior produces film as directed study Reply

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By Christopher Gonzalez 1851 Staff

Among the many motion pictures coming out this spring, “Alter Ego” is surely the must watch film of the season.
“Alter Ego”, a film directed and produced by Lasell senior Daniel Fox and Dean College graduate Joe Zumbo, is based on the life of a college senior living under unforeseen circumstances.

“The basics of ‘Alter Ego’ is about a senior in college who is at the top of his game. But all of a sudden, he gets struck by a very rare disease that causes him to do things that he wouldn’t normally do,” said Fox.

The film is set to integrate and combine a wide assortment of genres ranging from action to romance, which enables the film to appeal to a larger audience.

“‘Alter Ego’ is an action-thriller-romance mixed in with science-fiction,”said Fox. “It’s weaving all kinds of genres into one film.”

The film was a part of Fox’s directed study with assistant graphic design professor Ken Calhoun, who was an integral part of the movie’s development.

“He was a great help with this project.  He helped me with sound, lighting, and filmmaking techniques,”said Fox. “I would like to thank Professor Calhoun for giving me the opportunity to work with him.”

Writing for the picture began last semester after Fox’s last film “Paradise” premiered early fall at Yamawaki Art and
Cultural Center. Shortly after, the duo began filming in January in five different sites in Massachusetts –the Lasell campus, Boston, Wellesley, Franklin, and Plainville.

“What we wanted to portray is that it is a world, not just a campus,” said Fox. “Also, these locations were picked for scheduling and the sake of the scenery.”

The cast of the film is composed of an ensemble of Lasell and Dean College students. Lasell sophomore Anthony Padrazo stars as the main protagonist, Will Drake. Lasell junior Lyndsey Charette and sophomore Drew de Vos also star. The film even features Zumbo among many other students from Dean.

“Joe and I collaborate on [that] before we start writing,”said Fox about casting for the film. “We like to have an idea on who’s playing who in the back of our heads so we can write for them not just at them.”

“Alter Ego”is set to premiere on April 4 at 8:00 p.m. in Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center, where audiences can expect a unique and different kind of movie viewing experience, at no cost.

“It’s an emotional ride, it’s character driven, and it’s an all-around good story told by realistic characters in a really extreme situation,” said Fox. “The audience will be truly pleased with the film.”

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