Students need more event notification Reply

By Ryan Fitzgerald – Opinion Editor

A week before spring break I was walking down the stairs of the Donahue Center when a flier on the wall caught my eye. It said there was going to be a Skype interview held in Rosen Auditorium with retired secret service member Clint Hill.

Hill was Jackie Kennedy’s personal bodyguard and was there the day President Kennedy was assassinated. He actually jumped in the car after the president was shot and rode in it while they took him to the hospital. This is one of the biggest events in U.S. History and it was a chance to hear about it from someone who was actually involved.

I couldn’t believe I was reading about this interview only 15 minutes before it was to be held. When I got to Rosen I realized not many students showed up and only one or two professors were there. I was surprised and thought this
event should have been publicized a lot more.

Our school often holds interesting events such as this one, or other fun events like comedic acts, or trips to different places. I see fliers posted in buildings around campus, but I don’t often see students stop to see what is on them.

The MyLasell app allows students to see some events happening on campus, but many don’t know this, don’t have the app, or don’t ever use it.

I think it would be more effective to have MyLasell emails sent to students and even professors each week notifying them of different events.

If this method were used, I think more students and faculty would have been at the event in Rosen. Events like this are important and students should be notified when they are happening. There have been many instances where I learned of an event after it already happened, and was disappointed that I missed it.

If I hadn’t walked by that one flier in Donahue, I would have missed out on a great experience. I think it is great that events like this happen at our school, but if no one even knows they are going on, then what is the point of having them? Students should be emailed directly so they know what’s going on, and have an opportunity to go.

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