Spring Fest kicks off with Bubble Soccer

By Levi FloodContributing Writer

Barreling across the gym, I couldn’t help but smile. The smile changed to giddy laughter as I leapt from my feet to spear my opponent. The collision left my world spinning. One second upside-down, the next sideways, then upside-down again. Through it all, my laughter never stopped.

Photo by Levi Flood
Photo by Levi Flood

This was the scene in the Athletic Center this past Wednesday. The Campus Activities Board (CAB), in conjunction with Mass Sports League, hosted a game of bubble soccer to kick off (pun intended) Spring Fest Week.

The hour-long event was comprised of a series of five-minute games that pitted teams of four students against each other. Competitors donned large plastic bubbles, leaving only their lower legs exposed.

A whistle blew, initiating a flurry of blindside bumps and head-on collision as students gleefully pummeled each other, and sometimes even remembered to play soccer.

The crowd of spectators constantly fluctuated throughout the hour as innocent bystanders found themselves drawn from the balcony to the waiting line. The stack of signed waivers grew tall as more people signed up to get knocked off their feet.

It was a strong start for Spring Fest.

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