Laser presence is strong at Marathon 2

Ryan Macleod – 1851 Staff

For four members of the Lasell community, Marathon Monday meant much more than a day of celebration and off from school this year. Professor Neil Hatem, Area Coordinator Trish Moran, and alumni Andrew Dimaco and Pat Slight were four representatives from campus that spent the entire day running the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston’s Boylston Street.

Six people from Lasell originally signed up to run the Boston Marathon but two dropped out due to injury. The six originals including the four runners all raised money for charity, and received over $26,000 for both the Dennis “DJ” Simmonds ’08 Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Lasell Fund for the John Hancock Boston Public School Scholarship.

The four runners had a combined 13 marathons run between them, with Professor Hatem running seven Boston Marathons previously and Moran running three Boston Marathons previously and three others. For Slight and Dimaco, the 2015 Boston Marathon was their first.

Slight posted on Facebook the day after the race talking about his struggles. The post read, “Not the way I wanted the race to go, for everyone tracking me I did pull my hamstring at about mile four and it doomed me the rest of the day. But as I promised most of you I would cross that finish line crawling if I had to, as it came close to that. I will tell you the people that remained on the streets late in the day in the pouring rain will forever be my biggest take away from this.”

While Moran is a veteran when it comes to marathons she said, “It was the hardest
one I have ever run.”

Although the weather made the viewing conditions less than ideal a large amount of support for all the runners could be found along the marathon route.

“It was miserable but I kept telling myself that I had to get to Lasell because of the students waiting,” said Moran.

Traditionally members of the Lasell community pack both sides of the marathon route for hours to cheer on the runners but because of the weather there was a much smaller crowd than past years. However, the Laser runners were still greeted near the intersection of Washington Street and Woodland Road with loud cheers and quick hugs.

While the race was going on there were many celebrations happening around campus, including a quad party located in the Arnow Quad hosted by Lasell College Radio. For hours DJ Spencer Grey played music for a crowd ranging from 300-400 people all enjoying the day, despite the dreary conditions.


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