All Time Low shines on new, mature album

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One of the most well known Pop-Punk bands from the past decade, All Time Low (ATL) released their sixth studio album, “Future Hearts”, on April 7. Formed in 2003, ATL was most popular during the middle to late 2000’s. “Future Hearts” is the first album released by the band since Don’t Panic in 2012.

“Future Hearts” sounds very much like the band’s original work, but more mature in nature. The songs are still up beat, fun and exciting, though the keys they use are much lower than their “Dear Maria” days.Front man Alex Gaskarth, 25, has a more mature, manly voice in comparison to his earlier days. He was 15 when the band released their first EP, “Three Words to Remember in Dealing With the End” in 2004.

This album is nothing like their most popular and well known album, “So Wrong, It’s Right.” “Future Hearts” is for a more mature audience, but fans of the bands “classics” won’t be disappointed. “Future Hearts” still has all the old pop punk feel of the band with fast beats, a plethora of guitars, and a good amount of bass to keep your Dre Beats pumping.

The most popular song on iTunes, “Kids in the Dark,” is the kind of anthem featured on every ATL album. The song is about how they are kids who never want to surrender to the dark, and they were expected to burn out. “Missing You,” a more acoustic song, is a tribute to someone who has gone through something large in their life, assuring them that everything is going to be okay, and that they have a friend. “Dancing With a Wolf ” has the most old school feel All Time Low, with faster beats, more drums and “emo/ pop punk” guitar wailing.

The album is a good transition for the band from young teenagers to late 20-year-old men. They have kept their style but have also created a new one, in order to keep their fans from before, and maybe gain some new ones along the way.

“Future Hearts” is available iTunes for $9.99, featuring guest artists like Mark Hoppus from Blink 182, and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. With a cast like this, emo kids everywhere should rejoice for this great album.

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