April News Briefs

Sarah Torrey, Tristan Davis, Tina Nalepa – 1851 Staff and Arts and Entertainment Editor

Students rally against water bottles
The Water Bottle Campaign is a movement to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles on campus. The campaign is part of the Lasell Environmental Action Group, but works independently.

“Our main focus right now is to inform people about the dangers of plastic water bottles to oneself and the world around them,” says Kayla Hammersley, one of four members of the group. The others, Josh Robello, Tim McNamara, and Maureen Mealey are all taking part in the effort to change how the college drinks water.

The Water Bottle Campaign is considering a variety of strategies and activities to spread the message. Plans are in the works to put up posters, set up a table in Valentine Dining Hall, and participate in Earth Day events.

The campaign is currently running under the slogan “Think Outside the Bottle,” an indication of new ideas and awareness about plastic bottles hopefully coming soon to Lasell’s campus.

Writer discusses Native American culture
Earlier this month, internationally acclaimed writer and poet, Larry Spotted Crow Mann came to Lasell to discuss Native American culture.

Mann’s Native American heritage had a profound impact on both his writing and life. Mann recalled the difficulties of growing up as a Native American in a discriminating world.

“I spent a lot of time just trying to fit into the world I was always meant to be in,” said Mann.

Native people were often ignored, marginalized, and abused during his childhood as well as today. The feelings of this struggle are a major theme in Mann’s novel, “Mourning Road to Thanksgiving.” The story tells of a Native man’s battle to confront the deeply problematic holiday of Thanksgiving while also coming to accept the hardships in his own past.

Mann hopes the themes within his novel can connect to people from all walks of life, both as a learning experience for other cultures as well as a demonstration of how to find balance in an unbalanced world.

“We need to acknowledge each other,” said Mann. “When we acknowledge each other, the healing can begin.”

Students run first annual sex games event
Lasell College’s first annual “Sex Games: The Consent to Play” event was held inside de Witt Hall on April 16 in support of the nationwide issue of sexual assault on campus and Sexual Awareness Month. It featured various tables and school clubs, including the college’s Counseling Center, the Center for Community-Based Learning, and the Student Government Association.

The event offered a wide variety of activities, including a table ran by sophomore Haleigh West set up for students to write out on a whiteboard what the definition of consent is to them.

“I don’t think students realize that it’s less of a ‘no means no’ situation than it is a ‘yes means yes,’” said West. “Hopefully students are able to understand that better after today.”

The event even featured an appearance by Boomer, Lasell’s mascot, who was sporting a T-shirt that read “Free Hugs: Just Ask.” The shirt was made to express the idea that asking for consent should never be in question.

“This is an important event for students to attend. I think it will lead to more knowledge on the subject, which will lead to more knowledge in the bedroom,” said attendee sophomore Hugh Ramirez.

Career Fair held in April
The Lasell Career Services Department held its annual career fair on April 8. The day included different companies, organizations, and graduate school opportunities for all majors. Some organizations in attendance included Enterprise, Rent-A-Car, Gatehouse Media, House of Blues, Massachusetts Life Science Center, and Northeastern University School of Nursing. Full-time positions were available to seniors as well as internship opportunities for all classes.

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