Brattle Theatre offers unique collection Reply

Photo courtesy of Brattle Theatre Twitter

Photo courtesy of Brattle Theatre Twitter

Michael Costa and Nicholas Chamis – 1851 Staff

Harvard Square, a busy, bustling location can be difficult to navigate when looking for the most entertaining activities and places. Relatively hidden on the side of a building called Brattle Hall, is the box office known as The Brattle Theatre at 40 Brattle St. in Cambridge.

Though it’s easily overlooked, the Brattle Theatre offers something truly unique to moviegoers in the Harvard- Cambridge area, playing old-time classics, cult-followed films, and many others far from today’s movie spotlight.

The theater itself is minuscule, yet feels cozy with movie-memorabilia lining the walls, reasonable concession prices, and an exceptional modern projection and sound. Moviegoers interested in this type of small-town theater of nostalgia will definitely find themselves well at home in the Brattle Theatre.

Recently the theatre held the LGBT Film Festival, the longest running and largest festival in all of New England. Films were shown portraying and commemorating the likes of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and allied communities.

One film shown was “Ned Rifle,” a three-part film series. This movie happened to be a new release, was irreverent, comical and entertaining up until the very last scene. It was a definite representation of the theater’s film selection and general output.

The Brattle Theatre doesn’t offer any bells or whistles, nor does it give off an elite vibe. If anything, the Brattle Theatre expresses the undervalued, underplayed masterpieces and hidden gems of cinema, and gives them the front-and-center focus; a triumph of the modern theatre.

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