Clubs and organizations celebrate Earth Day

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Photos by Krista DeJulio

Krista DeJulio – Features Editor

This year’s Earth Day, held on April 21 in de Witt Hall, attracted a large turnout and impacted the community. Clubs, groups, and environmental classes were represented at booths and all activities promoted cleaning up, preserving the environment, and creating enlightenment and positivity around campus.

Earth Day was a product of the community service house members on campus, Keever House, who helped create activities and coordinate groups involved.

“The Earth Day Celebration was a great success. It is fantastic to see that so many Lasell students care for the environmentand want to make a change,” said Keever RA, sophomore resort and casino management major, Hayley Kreckler.

Students made smoothies by pedaling a bicycle to create electricity to turn on a blender in a station hosted by LEAF Club. Other booths had soil, pots, and seeds to grow flowers. Student Government Association gave away tumblers if a person could find a piece of litter and throw it away. She’s the First gave students henna tattoos for a suggested donation of $2-5 and to raise awareness for their club.

Students had the chance to make flower crowns, have their face painted, participate in games for prizes, and pledge to stop using disposable, plastic water bottles.

The Lasell Spartones and Lasell Chorus performed. The Spartones sang “Colors of the Wind” from “Pocahontas” while the chorus sang Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

“Everyone brings a different perspective to the Spartones, which is exactly why ‘Colors of the Wind’ represents not only Earth Day but our presence as an organization at Lasell,” said president and founder of the Spartones sophomore JR Costello. “I am incredibly proud of how far we have come and performing at Earth Day just showcased the strength we have.”

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