Day in the life of “Miss Lasell” Reply

Photo courtesy of Jennessa Agnew

Photo courtesy of Jennessa Agnew

Brianna Robbins – Sports Editor

Four years ago, Jennessa Agnew was playing lacrosse for her high school team as well as representing her graduating class as the president. Today, she sits in the seat as President of the Student Government Association and one of the bowl recipients from the Awards Banquet. As if representing the entire student body was not enough, she is also a leadership scholar, club president of Lasell Democrats, and a resident assistant in Saunders House, one of the all-female houses on campus.

“Being involved with student activities has been important to me over the past four
years,” said Agnew. These are only the hats “Miss Lasell” wears today. Agnew has worn many other hats during her time at Lasell. She was also class vice-president for two years, first-year seminar peer mentor, and spent a semester studying at American University in Washington D.C. During her semester at American University, she interned at the Democratic National Committee in their Communication Department.

Most recently, Agnew was one of the two students chosen to represent the state of New Hampshire at the opening ceremony of the Edward Kennedy Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus. During this event she got the chance to meet many different politicians including the Vice President Joe Biden, whom she took a selfie with.

“President Obama stopped by unexpectedly and asked for just all the students to come over,” said Agnew. “He talked about how we all need to stay engaged with the political process, whether that be running for senate or voting.“

“Jennessa is a huge reason why I wanted to run for president of Student government,”
said junior Anthony Szol, who will be taking over Agnew’s postion next year. In the past four years, Agnew has served a seat in the Student Government Association for three. She began her first-year as a senator, then moved up to Vice President of Financial Affairs, and now to President.

“Student Government is lucky to have a president like Jennessa,” said Szol, the Vice President of Financial Affairs for Student Government.

“As a member of the E-Board (executive board), I work extra hard because of her
love for SGA and Lasell.” When asked about her time serving as the president Agnew said, “I enjoy the difference I can make in bettering the lives of Lasell students while working alongside some of the most dedicated student leaders at Lasell. Being able to address students’ concerns headon and see a change for the better is what keeps me motivated on SGA.”

She may be known by most of the Lasell community as “Miss Lasell,” but what may come to as no surprise for most is her plans of running for a position in political office one day, either local or state.

“Jennessa is really good at being a natural leader. Her simple actions influence
others to be just as responsible as her,” said senior resident assistant Danielle Fortin. “Her positivity is also a huge part in her ability to lead others.”

Agnew will graduate with a degree in Political Communications this May. Following graduation, keep an eye out for whose running in political office. One day soon a headline for the Boston Globe may read, “Former “Miss Lasell” runs for the Democratic position in the Presidential Campaign 2024.”

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