Insomnia Cookies satisfies late night sweet tooth

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Photos by Tina Nalepa

Tina Nalepa – Arts and Entertainment Editor

Insomnia Cookies, located at 708 Commonwealth Ave just off the Boston University East train stop, is where you can go to cure any sweet tooth. Opened in September 2013, Insomnia Cookies is a chain cookie shop booming across the nation. Open each day from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., students, professionals, or families can drop by to grab a sweet treat.

The store has a wide verity of sweets to choose from including brownies, cookie cakes, and ice cream sandwiches. Employees of Insomnia Cookies advise people to take a look at the menu before stopping by. With so many items to choose from, a lot of customers get overwhelmed deciding which flavor to try.

Among the dozen flavors to choose from, triple chocolate chunk is the most popular flavor. The ice cream sandwiches are not your typical ice cream sandwich found in your local grocery store; with several scoops of ice cream in-between two warm cookies, they are so large customers end up using a spoon to eat the delectable treat.

Cookies are $1.35, and an ice cream sandwich is $5, making Insomnia Cookies great for a college student’s budget or when you have extra change lying around. Each week, Insomnia Cookies does a cookie jar drawing for a free box of cookies. To enter, stop by at any Insomnia Cookie location to drop your email into the cookie jar for your chance to win. Insomnia cookies also offers rewards through their loyalty program each time you purchase a cookie, as well as fundraising

Insomnia Cookies also delivers to local companies, dorms, and apartments within a two-mile radius of each location. In just, minutes you can have fresh cookies at your front door.

“I work with such a fun group of people, it’s very energetic here at night with all the customers,” said employee, Fatima Mohammed. “It’s also great if you have extra change because everything on the menu is so cheap, or to bring to a friend when they’re having a bad day. I would recommend S’mores Deluxe, it’s my favorite cookie that we sell.”

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