It’s time for campus to ban plastic water bottles

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Last year I took the course Preserving Planet, Persuading People to fulfill my scientific area of inquiry. The course turned out to be interesting from all angles. I’ve always been passionate about environmental efforts and this course heightened that drive.

One of the assignments for the course was to watch the documentary “Tapped,” which I highly recommend. Watching that documentary was such a highlight for me because it opened my eyes to the water crisis and the ridiculousness of the bottled water fad that has taken over the nation and our campus.

The documentary showcases many enlightening facts about the water bottle industry.
Forty percent of bottled water is simply filtered tap water. Paraxylene, which is a main compound in plastic water bottles, is lined to causing cancer. Finally, for those who think tap water is dirty: municipalities test tap water multiple times per day. In fact, in a city of over one million people, they test their water 300 times per month.

Plastic water bottles are useless on campus. In an interview with The 1851 Chronicle last semester, Vice President Jim Ostrow explained how the water Lasell uses is some of the cleanest around. The water comes fresh from a nearby reservoir and is available to students throughout campus from taps, bubblers, and water bottle fountains.

The world at large faces a water crisis where so many are without clean and reliable water. We are so fortunate to have water at our fingertips while others thirst for it yet we choose to spend needless amounts of money on cases of water. It’s a waste of time and a waste of resources.

Lasell’s Water Bottle campaign is a great initiative that I hope shows positive and strong results. But the campus needs to go further than that. Lasell needs to ban plastic, disposable water bottles all together.

Lasers, stop spending money on plastic water bottles. As college students we often struggle for extra cash. Invest in a reusable water bottle to not only save money but make your mark in affecting this world positively for yourself and others.

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