Lacrosse coach achieves 100 wins Reply

Allison Nekola – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Tim Dunton, Head Coach of Lasell men’s lacrosse, achieved his 100th game win against Louisiana’s Centenary College after traveling to Texas with his team during spring break this season. Dunton began his career at Lasell in the Admission’s office after graduating from Endicott.

“I knew I always wanted to get into coaching, so when a job opened up [in the Admission’s office] I jumped at the opportunity,” he said. “After I was working here for a while I approached the Head Coach about helping out.”

Dunton was the assistant coach for the 2002 season. Soon Dunton left that upcoming summer, allowing him to interview for the head coaching job and be appointed the position. The victory that signified his 100th game win proved to be an easy mark with a final score of 22-1.

Dunton didn’t realize the milestone until he was eating with the team afterwards. “I didn’t really put two and two together…I guess the first thing that went through my mind was all of the guys that have played for me over the years,” he said.

Though his coaching skills are a huge contribution to the team’s wins, he doesn’t believe it was an individual accomplishment.

“[I] didn’t really celebrate at all. We took the team out to a late lunch after we got back to the hotel,” said Dunton. “I attribute
all the success that we’ve had as a program to the players I’ve had the luxury of coaching and all the assistant coaches I’ve had the pleasure to coach with.”

The future of the lacrosse team looks bright especially with Dunton’s leadership. He is incredibly proud of his team and according to him, “This isn’t my accomplishment, this is a program accomplishment.”

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