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Photo courtesy of Ryan McFadden

Photo courtesy of Ryan McFadden

Samantha Plumley and Leanne Signoriello – 1851 Staff

Whether it be through Lasell’s concept of connected learning or the inspiration to complete internships, Lasell is not shy when it comes to providing students the opportunities to transition into life after graduation. Recently, members of the Lasell community had the opportunity to shootfor networking opportunities.

A small group of Lasell students attended the two-day Shooting Touch Sports Conference at Babson College during the last weekend of March. Shooting Touch is a non-profit program that works on furthering education and opportunities, whether they be for athletics or for personal development, for innercity children. The organization holds an annual sports conference to help individuals expand personal networking opportunities for business and entrepreneurship.

The conference featured panelists including a number of CEOs, COOs, and other marketing executives. A few of the big names featured at this year’s conference included Brad Stevens, head coach of the Boston Celtics, and Jackie MacMullen, analyst and commentator for ESPN, along with Keynote Speaker Kevin Eastman, Vice President of the Los Angeles Clippers.

“There were several panels and speakers that highlighted areas within the Sport Industry that included front office and team operations, broadcasting and media, sports entrepreneurship, and coaching” said senior Shawn Fleurie, a sports management major, who was in attendance at the conference.

Junior Ryan McFadden, a creative advertising major, was one of the students who also attended the conference. “I knew that it was aimed towards sports communications students. But I actually found out that the second day of the conference, a lot of it was based on personal marketing and marketing itself, and I thought that it was beneficial for what I am doing,” said McFadden.

The two speakers who McFadden found to be the most influential were Robert Lewis and Ethan Zohn, who were both featured at the Social Innovation panel. Both speakers are heavily invested in using sports to better the community. Lewis is the President of The Base, a Boston based organization that uses sports as a means for character development for youth. Zohn and the organization that he co-founded, Grassroots Soccer, use the sport of soccer to raise awareness of and eliminate HIV. Lewis and Zohn reflected and spoke about why they were inspired to start their companies.

“I try to take every opportunity and see what I can get from it,” said McFadden.

During the networking sessions, McFadden met students outside the Lasell community along with business professionals. He was approached by a number of executives about potential internship opportunities. “I was able to talk to a Nike sales executive as well as get his contact information. He was very promising about seeing what he could do to help me,” said McFadden.

Interaction among the conference attendees was not restricted to the networking sessions. Attendees were encouraged
to live-tweet the event. Throughout the event, there was a contest on Instagram, which provided an opportunity to interact
on social media. A prize was given to the winner of the contest.

“‘You never make a shot you don’t take,’ was a common phrase during the event and it speaks volumes to where the amazing group of professionals are now by taking risks to further their growth,” said Fleurie.

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